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Use Zen Domes in Healing/Spiritual Rituals – December 2016 Newsletter Article

Improve your well-being with hand-made Zen DomesTM orgonite (which include the influence of health positive crystals).  Think of crystals as beautiful, spiritual friends with diverse personalities, which communicate at hundreds of thousands of KHz – they pulse faster than the speed of light!  Crystals exist on a continuum bridging the realms of heaven and earth, and when combined with clear quartz in a matrix of organic resin and metals, they not only re-tune ambient negative energies, but also significantly boost the influence and properties of all crystals contained within.

Many people are familiar with the use of crystals for healing, and for spiritual rituals like grid-making, but did you know that you can maximize these practices with the use of Zen Domes?

Any purpose which calls for crystals is an opportunity to use and program your Zen Domes.  There is no earthly limit to how much data can be recorded by the crystals in Zen Domes, although I usually suggest this data follow a theme.

Themes such as health, abundance, security, well-being, new paradigm awareness, vitality, peace, balance, love, gratitude—all of the frequency raising purposes are suitable.

Switch out some of your crystals with Zen Domes.  Continue to use some crystals along with Zen Domes because the Zen Domes will actually boost the healing potential of those crystals.  You may have favourite crystals which differ from the ones contained in the Zen Domes, so keep using them to your benefit.

I suggest placing one of the portable Zen Dome orgone generators directly on your chakra points while you meditate.  Place them on the chakras you wish to strengthen or fortify.  Your chakras are linked directly to your star-gates so it is very important during this time of accelerated evolution that we keep our energetic pathways clear and bright.

You can use any of the Zen Dome Pendants in the same manner.  For example, the Flower of Life Pendant will protect you from negative energies and connect you with your Guardian Angel. and the Chakra Flat Pendant supplies a crystal to fortify each primary chakra.  These connections also serve to anchor divine energies into our Earthly energy grid.  Since we are all connected, heal yourself and you heal the world.

The Angel and the Tree of Life pendants are also great to place directly on the chakras.  Both pendants promote the spiritual/angelic energies used for more intense care and healing.

The Hamsa pendant is used to promote a more dynamic healing of the self and others.  If you are in the “sensitive stage” of the Ascension Process, I recommend starting with the Angel or Hamsa pendants, and then when you are in a position for something more intense, graduate to the Chakra Copper pendant.

Many people are embracing practices like smudging and healing circles.  Smudging is very complimentary to the use of Zen Domes and can be used on Zen Domes before infusing them with new/fresh intentions.  The crystals in the Zen Domes love being smudged.  It is a great way to strengthen your relationship with them!

For use in healing ceremony/ritual, I recommend placing a large Zen Dome in the centre of the circle.  Then in grid-like fashion place any Zen Dome: like the Medium or Small Pyramids, Charging Plate, Half Sphere and the Round Shields within the circle/group.

Alternative Health Practitioners and Energy Healers can easily incorporate Zen Domes into their practice.  Just by keeping one of the more robust Zen Domes within the healing area, the treatments will be more effective.  I recommend using the Large & Medium Pyramids within the treatment area.

I have personally experienced multiple health benefits from regularly keeping Zen Domes nearby.  As the crystals emit their specialized healing frequencies, they emit an inaudible symphony of healing frequencies, which clear all of the chakras as they relax the body, and restructure the water and natural crystals (salts) found in our fluids and tissues.  In this way, they are especially helpful during the Ascension Process, which is all about raising our own unique frequency signature.  For more information about Zen Domes click here.

Enjoy my new line of Zen Dome orgonite pyramids, half spheres, charging plates, round shields, pendants, and micro-mini cell phone/tablet shields.  If you would like to host a home party in Central Alberta – I have a very few time spots left for this year.  Contact me to book a show today.

Whether you use your Zen Domes in the home or practice, experiment a little and enjoy!  Good Health to You!