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S01E05- 05-27-2022 – East Of Astrology with Dave Petrella – Guest Karen Holton

Dave will be discussing Dimensions with guest Karen Holton in this episode of East of Astrology. Dave Petrella is an astrologer, spiritual guide, and oak island theorist. He’s travelled to all 50 states and most of Canada doing research. Dave has studied world religions and spiritual traditions extensively, along with eastern medicine, metaphysics and topics related to extraterrestrial intelligence.

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S04E14- 05-05-2022 – #BeyondTheTinFoilHat with Ryan Stacey – Karen Holton

Beyond The Tinfoil Hat is a weekly podcast brought to you by The Experiencer Support Association.

This podcast is hosted by Ryan Stacey and is designed to educate and assist the public in understanding the blend of every phenomenon happening in the world. Our guests often include eyewitness testimony.

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TE108 Working With The Morphogenic Field, Higher Selves & Soul Team & More With Karen Holton – April, 2022

Topics Discussed: Making sense of this realm, Soul evolution, connecting to soul teams, shadow work etc. Everything we have been taught is a lie, Karens higher purpose, Karens perspective on what true love is, Anchoring divine feminine ,Morphogenic field / MotherFather, Transhumans & Purebloods, Staying connected, Death is not something to fear, Life is like an immersive interactive 3d illusory movie, Project looking glass and how the agenda for the “powers that be” potentially plays out.