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How to Grid Your Home with Zen Domes Orgonite

Full size house or condo/apartment:

For ultimate effect, I recommend you set up a grid pattern of Zen Domes on each floor of your home or living spaces.  Place one large Zen Dome pyramid at each of the 4 furthest corners of the dwelling, and 4 medium pyramids at the half way points. Then add one of your favourite Zen Dome orgone generators to the centre.  They will interact with each other, and their frequency range is definitely increased when placed in this manner.  Grid patterns do not need to be perfectly aligned.

Zen Domes Orgonite Room, Suite or RV Placement:

Regardless of the area you wish to clear energetically, you want to place your Zen Dome Orgone Generators in a similar pattern to a crystal grid.

The sun pattern represents the energy pattern from your Zen Dome Orgonite grid placement.

 For smaller spaces, place a Zen Dome medium pyramid at each of the 4 furthest corners of the dwelling, and 4 small orgonite pyramids at the half way points.  A centre placement may not be necessary.

If you are particularly sensitive to EMF, I also suggest the placement of any medium-sized orgonite pyramid as close as possible to the smart meter, electrical panel, cell phone and other technologies.

If your budget is limited, start by wearing a Zen Dome orgone pendant and place a medium Zen Dome pyramid by your bed at night.  See how this feels energetically and add more as you feel the desire.

Contact me if you would like to know more about placing and arranging these beautiful and functional orgone generators around your home.