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Quantum Guides Show E154 Don Rogers & Canadian Spinja – AWAKENING TO SPIRIT & THE SSP

Don Rogers and Canadian Spinja are a Canadian power couple who are experiencing the awakening process together. In September 2023 Don started having a succession of nightmares and memories of intergalactic warfare – some of these events seemed to be happening in the future. Thankfully Spinja had been on a podcast information deep dive into the spiritual and paranormal, and finally convinced Don to listen to a podcast about the Super Space Program, and it immediately resonated with him. After some hypnotic regression, everything started to make sense, and he joined Spinja in their spiritual awakening. To find out more about them, and my work – all of the links are featured below in the description. Check us out, subscribe to our channels, leave us some comments, like our shows and share this video with your friends!