Energy Coaching

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Methods and tools to find, and care for your energy body.  This one on one lesson will teach you bio-kinesiology basics and pendulum use for self-diagnostics, and energetic self-defence techniques

The energy body; what is it and what is its purpose?

  • 12 Senses – 6 physical & 6 energetic
  • Chakras & Star Gates
  • your Light Body is the true you


Email your request to me via my Contact page.  After I consider your request, I will return your email with available times for us to talk in person or via Zoom or Skype.  I may also send you an email with a few questions for clarification before we talk directly, so I will already be familiar with your situation.  You will receive a PDF copy of the tutorial, before I give you the demonstration.

Service Area

Energy Coaching can be done in person or via Skype.  If you would like a live consultation at a location outside of the Red Deer, Alberta area, there will be added fees for travel and travel time.  Email me to discuss the options, and if additional fees are required, they can be easily paid with an E-transfer.

Service Procedure

  • write up a brief, but accurate description of how I may be able to assist you
  • email your request to me via my Contact page
  • I will return your email with available times for us to talk via Skype or in person
  • now add this service to your cart and pay
  • we will share a tutorial, including a demonstration
  • I will email to you a PDF report outlining the tutorial
  • detailed reports are available for an additional fee.


Standard fees include the time we communicate directly, and the time before and after we talk, when I prepare some tutorial notes to email to you.  Detailed reports are available for an additional fee.


I do not offer cures per se, but feel confident that I can bring you into alignment with yourself so you can find and utilize your own diagnostic and curative powers.  I do not diagnose medical issues or prescribe medicines.  Click here to see my credentials and professional references.

1 review for Energy Coaching

  1. Karen Holton

    I have known Karen for several years.  I was immediately drawn to her openness, compassion & intelligence from the moment we met.  She possesses the rare quality of accepting life on life’s terms; making the finest lemonade from the many lemons life has handed her.  Her generosity of spirit, wisdom, spiritual depth & uncanny insights make her an exceptional healing coach whom I am more than pleased to recommend to anyone.Patricia Henderson – Courtenay, B.C. Canada (2015)

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