Intuitive Time with Karen & Chris


Now you can spend some intuitive time with Chris Mathieu and Karen Holton, live on Zoom!  Whether you have experienced, or are experiencing contact with Extra Terrestrials, Interdimensionals, or simply want to spend some time talking to Chris and Karen – here is your chance.


Want to spend an hour with Chris Mathieu (Forbidden Knowledge News) and Karen Holton (Karen Holton TV) live on Zoom?

As intuitive contactees, both Chris Mathieu and Karen Holton offer their own intuition-based wisdom, and the powers of consciousness (that everyone has).  Chris and Karen have direct access to their higher selves, and can receive downloads and intuitive information.  We also share our experiences and insights to help you get in touch with your guides and higher self.

Chris and Karen have a limited number of dates and times available, but we are eager to hear what you have to say, and we want to share our experiences and wisdom with you live, and personal on Zoom.

Once you order this service, email Karen at to book your appointment.  Let me know what days and time work best for you and we will repond with appointment confirmation and Zoom invitation.


Service Area

Live & local services are not available at this time, however, we will do just as well communicating by Zoom.


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