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Quantum Guides Show E114 Anthony Esemplare – THE UFO INITIATIVE & DISCLOSURE!

Anthony Esemplare is a retired NY State Police officer & boots on the ground Investigator for UFOs, the Paranormal & Cryptids. He is also the creator of the Unidentified-S4 YouTube channel and is a published writer. His show covers everything unexplained, from UFOs to the Paranormal, Cryptids, Hoaxes, Scammers, Science, Missing 411, NASA, NDE, OBE, Astral Travel, Technology General News & more. Their boots on the ground team travels all over to get the best footage and stories the world has to offer. They also interview some of the most famous people in the field, which has led to Anthony’s creation of the UFO Initiative. Disclosure is now! Thanks for liking, subscribing, and sharing this podcast!