Orgone Butterfly – Black Obsidian with Citrine


If you wish to enjoy deep cleansing protection as you access more optimism and synchronicity.  This butterfly is for you!

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Product Description:

Width: 70 mm
Length: 55mm
Height: 8 – 9mm thick
Weight: 21 – 25g
Crystals: black obsidian & citrine
Metals: copper bits with 2 copper amplifying spirals

These Zen Dome Butterflies can be used to support your personal transformation.  These fully functioning orgonite butterflies will bring comfort and protection to you.   They can also be useful for stimulating plant and pet health.  Zen Dome orgone generating butterflies incorporate healing crystals with copper, all sealed in a matrix of crystal clear resin. This energy combined with its association with the base and solar plexus chakras, makes it outstanding for personal transformation.

Black Obsidian: The Stone of Support During Change

Black Obsidian is a very powerful and creative stone.  It increases self-control.  It assists us to face up to our true self, as it releases imbalances and negative energies.  Black Obsidian is protective and provides support during change.  It repels negativity and disperses unloving thoughts.

Citrine: the Stone of Optimism

Citrine can help one to overcome depression, release anger, and learn effective communication skills.  It can encourage optimism in any situation, bringing a more positive outlook into the conscious and subconscious mind.  Citrine attracts synchronicity by opening the mind to new ideas, discerning which are most likely to succeed, allowing those to develop, and following through with them to their happy conclusion.

Powered by the Sun, Citrine warms, cleanses, and energizes.  Citrine makes a great tool for transmuting negative energy because it is highly protective.  Citrine heightens self-discipline, attracting professional success and wealth.  Most often associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, Citrine can also be used to cleanse all Chakras.  Citrine will help support the energy of a family environment at work or at home.


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