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Aliens & Astrology S02 E05 Karen Holton – HOLY SPIRIT, GRACE, PRANA, CHI & ORGONE

I am grateful for the unity that I experience with many people all over the world, but please consider a more complete system of unity by plugging into a greater network that supersedes the outdated societal construct that we have collectively outgrown. This greater system is called HOLY SPIRIT, GRACE, PRANA, CHI & ORGONE, and it is recognized as a creative force in every culture and religion. From a scientific perspective, below the Planck Level or Zero Point – it is known as Wavicals, which are both particles and waves, which exists even if you do not believe in it. Wherever you are right now (regardless of mood, state of consciousness, world view, personal circumstances, etc.) you can plug into this powerful force and benefit. Join me to learn more. Thanks for liking, subscribing, and sharing this podcast!