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Quantum Guides Show E78 Preston Dennett & Dolly Safran – SYMMETRY – A TRUE UFO ADVENTURE

In E78, my guests are Preston Dennett and Dolly Safran. Dolly is a life-long, conscious ET experiencer, and she tells us that ETs are not abducting people against their will. They are not here to hurt anyone or take over our planet. The truth is, they are here to help, to heal, to guide and enlighten. ETs are here, Dolly says, to ensure that everyone survives the many challenges facing humanity today. Dolly’s adventures with ET are the subject of Preston’s latest Amazon UFO bestseller called, “Symmetry – A True UFO Adventure”. Both Dolly and Preston can be found on Facebook, YouTube and the link to Preston’s website is found below. Thank you for subscribing and sharing!