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Convergence with Karen Holton E15 – April 27th, 2021

Today in E15, we will explore Quantum Health Transformation Step 1 White: State of Bliss & Spiritual Exercises. This final step is the last lesson in the third tier of training, for this free, online lifestyle program. To learn more, go to my website and click the free resources tab.

Quantum Health Transformation Step 1 is designed for those who wish to access feelings of comfort, happiness and spiritual joy. It provides further ascension skills to assist with personal evolution, upskills knowledge and understanding about the relationship between physical comfort, mental happiness and spiritual joy, and provides a clear path to spiritual bliss with many blessings.itudes, culture & morality, rules & laws, addictions & distractions affect our reality outcomes and spiritual potential; and techniques to establish better two way communication with our Higher Selves and subconscious mind.

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