Orgonite Pyramids

These hand-crafted pyramids enhance the energetic distribution of powerfully protective and healing orgone energy (also known as Chi, Kundalini, Prana, Etheric Energy, Universal Life Force, etc.).

Pyramid literally means “fire in the middle”.  EMF and other energies are pulled into the bottom surface, are conducted by the metal/s, and are retuned by the crystals and orgone.  About a third of the way up from the bottom surface, the pyramid shape concentrates the retuned energy and orgone.  As it travels up toward the top, the energy is further amplified before streaming the new, cleansed frequency and orgone, out of the top point of the pyramid.

Pyramids are the most powerful retuning shape for Zen Dome orgone generators.  All negative energy is absorbed, retuned, concentrated and then dispersed into the room.  When you place them into a grid formation, they are exponentially effective, and protect the whole area.

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