Crystal Spheres

Today we call crystal balls SPHERES.  They have been used for thousands of years, and are commonly used for scrying. The continued practice of scrying decalcifies and activates the Pineal Gland, enhances intuition and sets the stage for new paradigm reality.

Scrying is to perceive or to reveal, and it involves looking into the reflective surface of the crystal sphere, to gain mystical insight.  The crystal sphere stimulates psychically induced images from beyond the conscious mind to gain information offered by the cosmos.  Nonphysical shapes and images appear in or on the crystal sphere, which appear as symbols revealing the past or future.  It is up to the scryer to interpret what the images, or symbols mean, and it is only through practice and the intuition of the scryer that accurate, informative and helpful messages and information are revealed via the Pineal Gland.

Crystal spheres also resonate at very high frequency and influence the energetics of the room in all directions at once.  Wonderful companions to add to your Zen Dome Orgonite collection.