Zen Domes are So Versatile! – March 2017 Newsletter Article

Since Zen Domes Orgonite clear the chakras and relax the body, they promote wellness on energetic, physical, mental/emotional and spiritual levels.  When you hold, wear or keep your Zen Domes close to your body, they interact directly with your chakras & energy field, and promote the healing, grounding and balancing of your life force energies, which promote wellness.  They also interact positively with the natural crystals found in your body fluids and tissues.

When you have several Zen Domes, you can set them up in grid-like fashion around your living spaces, which raises their effect exponentially.  It behooves us to also take advantage of the positive energy they produce.  Keep any Zen Dome in your herb/patio garden, with houseplants or in your yard to help keep gardens of all kinds healthy.  One of my friends uses Zen Domes to help tree grafts to heal; another used the Zen Dome Charging Plate to revive a large, ailing tropical tree.  Zen Domes are good for every living thing.  The possibilities are endless.

Pets are also comforted by Zen Domes.  Clear quartz and amethyst are the best crystals to soothe and heal cats and dogs.  I have a new line of pet orgonites coming out in the next month or so, and until then, you can adapt one of the Zen Dome pendulums or pendants to hang from the pet’s collar or place any small Zen Dome under the mattress of their bed, but do not allow your pet to use Zen Domes as chew toys.

Although Zen Dome Orgonite can be used for grounding, healing and balancing the body, they can also be used to restructure the molecules within foods and beverages.  Some people use them to enhance communication with their higher guides, angels and other benevolent beings.  Zen Dome Orgonite can also hold vast amounts of information, so they are ideal to store intentions, amplify desires, and hold programs to assist in well-being.  Although they are not biological, they do indeed have a form of consciousness allowing for quantum entanglement.

Please keep in mind that Zen Domes are never factory-made; they are made and supplied by small, home-based businesses.  When you purchase genuine Zen Dome orgonites, you are assisting others with the best of intentions, to continue to bless the planet.  I personally vette each supplier to make sure that Zen Domes are not made in sweat shops, and that the makers are working in safe environments, and are paid living wages.  In short, Zen Domes orgonites are made and distributed by people who live by the principals of quality, karma and holistic health consciousness.   As a result, Zen Domes are made to order, created in small batches, and available in a limited supply.

As a channel, I draw in and direct sacred energy into each and every Zen Dome.  They not only transmute EMF and other negative frequencies, they are also infused with the intention of assisting the receiver to their highest good (attune to your life force energy), producing maximum effect, and the crystals become charged to peak performance.  As a result, your physical composition improves, and so does the quality of your over-all energetic signature (frequency), which enhances your personal evolution and well-being.

Consult the Zen Dome Best Use Guide to determine the best layout for your Zen Domes within your living spaces.  Then read up in the Zen Dome User Guide 2017 to discover the many ways to use Zen Domes in and around your lifestyle, and to boost sacred/healing rituals.

Now let’s look at more possible uses for the new Zen Domes recently added to my website.  The Balancing and Healing Wands transmute EMF, and banish all other negative energies by converting them to higher frequencies, (those energies which do not convert withdraw back to their source).  Both wands can also be used to create powerful connections between Zen Domes, other crystals and seashells to form energy grids.  Zen Dome wands can also be used to direct energy during sacred rituals.

The more you use your Zen Domes, the more health benefits you are likely to experience due to the principals of quantum entanglement (your energy joins the energy of the Zen Dome).  As they improve your energetic environment, they also improve your energetic health, which strengthens and heals the physical body.  Use these wands to energize your plants, pets and family members by making clock-wise spiral patterns close to the body.  They can also be used as soothing massage tools.

The Zen Dome wands are beautiful enough to add to your home décor.  When not in use as a massage tool or wand, they can be added to your fruit bowl, placed under your pillow or mattress, or “loan” them to your pets and plants.  Their size makes them very portable so add them to your purse or backpack.  Some people like to stir their bathwater with them.  The possibilities are endless!

The Clear Quartz and Chakra Pendulums also transmute EMF, and banish all other negative energies by converting them to higher frequencies, (those energies which do not convert withdraw back to their source).  This is important for divining work and sacred ritual.

The Chakra Pendulum activates and energizes all of the chakras as it clears the energy in your immediate environment, while the Clear Quartz Pendulum is a powerhouse of cleansing and healing energy.  In addition, both pendulums can be shortened and added to pet collars, or dangled to enhance and beautify your home décor or vehicle.  They can also be placed under your pillow or mattress, and keep you protected while out and about – just add them to your purse or backpack.

The noticeable effects from using Zen Domes are stronger for people who are choosing the lifestyle which supports health and recovery.  They can bring instant relief to those who are able to hold higher frequencies.  If you have not felt a noticeable difference since placing Zen Domes in your living spaces as directed, then it is time to take a serious look at lifestyle issues, starting with detoxification.  Here is the link to several of my detoxification videos.  Further, many are so used to instant gratification/relief that they have lost touch with the process of improvement and healing.  Get to know your Zen Domes, and give yourselves time to build a new relationship with them.  Take advantage of the principals of quantum entanglement.  You might be surprised by the results.

One more point to consider is the price of Zen Domes.  Zen Domes are not priced by size or weight; they are priced according to my cost to bring them to you.  Now let’s put the cost of Zen Domes into perspective.  I spend over $60.00 a month for my blue green algae because they assist me to detox and enjoy better overall health.  I must replenish this supply every month.  Zen Domes do not need to be replaced – ever.  They will still be here to improve the conditions of the planet for our whole lives, and will continue to do so long after we are gone.  They can be shared with people, and other living things, to help bring about the change we all wish to see in the world.

When compared to the price of other health improving items, Zen Domes are certainly good value.  In addition, when you purchase genuine Zen Domes, you help to support my work, the work of the orgonite makers, and you help improve the condition of your health and the health of the planet.  Enjoy the versatility of your Zen Domes and feel confident that they are well worth the cost!

Quantum Wellness: detoxify, nourish & evolve!

(Article adapted from the Comox Valley Health and Recreation Guide: Summer 2014 Issue)

As mentioned previously, improving what we eat, drink, do, say, believe & perceive forms complete or quantum wellness; however, real food (fresh, raw, organic, non GMO & unprocessed) is the quintessential cornerstone of transformative health.  “People are fed by the Food Industry, which pays no attention to health, and are treated by the Health Industry, which pays no attention to food.” Wendell Berry

The 9 Steps to Quantum Health Transformation© (my free, online video workshop series) offers you the same solutions I personally use as I evolve and enjoy the life & health I always wanted (see my ad – I’ve lost 178 pounds!).  This video series offers many different options for healing – Steps 9, 8 & 7 were covered in my last blog post, and Steps 6, 5 & 4 are summarized here:

Quantum Health Transformation Step 6 includes a lot of valuable information so I have broken it down into four parts.  The Step 6, Part 1 PRIMER demonstrates the common ways we inadvertently poison ourselves through the personal care products we use, and suggests some very economical alternatives.  Simply changing the way we groom our bodies and clean our homes can contribute to weight loss, clearer thinking and better health.

The Step 6, Part 2 PRIMER investigates ways we inadvertently poison ourselves with food-like products, and it provides insight into the easiest ways to detoxify your body.  These simple remedies assist you to a healthier body, clearer mind and even if you are at your ideal weight, will help to improve your stamina significantly.

The Step 6, Part 3 PRIMER deals with emotions, explains how food-like products affect our brains and emotions in the same way as cocaine and heroin, and shows what a sweetener addiction might look like.  Then I introduce you to ways to make all of your emotions work for you on your journey to well-being.

The Step 6 LIVE action video features highlights from the Step 6 PRIMERS as I demonstrate how easy it is to make & use the products you need to detoxify your whole self. Detoxification is absolutely essential in order to recover, lose excess weight and thrive.

The Step 5 PRIMER video explains how a well-nourished body carries energy much more efficiently and facilitates rapid healing, weight loss (when needed), and an improved sense of wellbeing.  Spirituality involves energy – and when we prepare ourselves to receive and utilize this energy – our conception of reality and what is possible expands making room for an enhanced life experience.

The Step 5 LIVE action video features my experiences which led me to a deeper understanding of the link between food and spirituality.  Join me to learn how a vacant city lot and a rustic Northern Vancouver Island lifestyle opened my eyes to an alternative route to health and happiness.

In the Step 4 PRIMER I show you how words form concepts (ideas), which shape beliefs, which determine our view of the world (perspective), which influences the feedback essential for self-guided learning (evolution): Heuristics.  With a shift in perception you will discover unnoticed options that were there all along; experience the power of heuristics so you can speak your truth with amazing outcomes!

In the Step 4 LIVE action video I will show you how the lessons from the Step 4 PRIMER video work in practical terms.  Once we recognize healthful patterns, we can distinguish between denial, and transformational affirmation which builds confidence, commitment and faith.  See how I tackled my own obesity issues and debt recovery while illustrating a doable harm reduction strategy featuring changes to internal and external dialog.

The Step 9 – 3 videos are now conveniently featured under the “Transformation Videos” tab of my website.  (Steps 2 & 1 are in the production phase).  Feel free to choose the Step which is most useful to you, and call or email me for your customized lifestyle program, or if you have any questions.

Again: as described in my 9 Step video series: food, chemicals in our environment, what we think about and believe, and our daily practises all affect our biochemistry and thus our mental and physical health.  Discover how mental and physical symptoms can be eliminated or reduced by correcting all the imbalances and influences in your life.  As we bring enjoyable, healthful practices into your life, the old negative, self-defeating habits fall away automatically.  I would love to support you through your journey of self-discovery and recovery.

This website: www.karenholtonhealthcoach.com delivers everything you need to transform your life and become the healthiest, happiest you possible!  Subscribe to my blog and You Tube channel, and you will soon be well on your way to your own Quantum Health Transformation!

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