Orgonite Charging Plate with Flower of Life Mandala

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Use the orgonite charging plate with crystals for fast cleaning and energetic improvements of food, water and drinks. This charging plate combines the energetic symbol of sacred geometry with the function of orgonite. The metal shavings/crystal combination act as crystal harmonizer.

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Size: 4.33″ (110 mm)
Height: 0.51″ (13 mm)
Weight: 200 g
Crystals: clear quartz, amethyst, aventurine, tiger’s eye, jasper, sodalite
Metals: silver, bronze, black steel with copper spiral

Orgonite is a simple compound which balances ambient energy by turning negative energy (EMF) into positive healing energy, with many easily-confirmed health benefits.  These powerful charging plates are almost gone.  Order now.

Zen Domes orgonite are simple compounds which balance ambient energy by turning negative energy (EMF) into positive healing energy, with many easily-confirmed health benefits.  To learn more about how Zen Domes orgone generators work, click here.

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Weight .2 kg


The Stone of Powerful Violet Flame Healing

Amethyst crystal is well known for carrying the violet flame healing vibration.  Amethyst keeps the energy close, and provides a very strong vibration for psychic protection.  Amethyst also helps us to deal with negative emotions, stimulates calmness and clarity, and relieves anxiety and confusion.  Amethyst taps into your intuition, your feelings, and assists with recovery from addictions.  The calming effect of amethyst combats stress and fosters healing, spiritual awareness, balance, inner peace, and positive transformation.  Amethyst cleanses, purifies, restructures.  Amethysts have a soothing and relaxing effect on people.


The Stone of Peaceful Equilibrium

Aventurine is an excellent stone to use in orgonite because it helps to absorb EMF and other environmental pollutants. Aventurine can help to stabilize one’s state of mind when things seem chaotic or out of focus, and helps to open up the mind to endless alternatives and possibilities. Aventurine balances Yin/Yang energies and guards against “psychic vampires” who drain one’s energy.

Tiger’s Eye

The Stone of Balance

Combining Earth and Sun energy, Tiger’s Eye draws Spiritual energy down to the Earth, while still keeping you centered here on the ground. It stimulates optimism and insight; good luck and prosperity; protection, and enhances intuition. Tiger’s Eye is ideal for dealing with issues involving power, will, control, and/or concentration.

Red Jasper

The Stone of Supreme Support

Red Jasper is a calming stone, full of grounding Earth energy. Red Jasper can connect us deeply to the vibrations of the Earth, bringing a greater understanding and acceptance of natural events; the connection between humans and nature; and it reminds us to be kind to each other. This gentle stone brings helpful insights into view that can help us achieve goals, or to understand why a change may be necessary. It sustains and supports during times of stress, and brings tranquility and wholeness.


The Stone of Creativity and Harmony

Sodalite is the artist’s favourite because it promotes inspiration, creativity, inner peace and calmness. It is also known for harmonizing the conscious and unconscious minds, facilitating body/mind/soul work; and is known as the stone of truth as it assists with communication and dissolves conflict. Sodalite enhances your intuition and reduces stress.

Your Zen Dome

Why you want Zen Domes Orgonite:

To qualify as a Zen Dome, the orgonite has to be precision-made, beautiful, and as unique as possible. Only the most effective orgonite is selected to become a Zen Dome.

Once a design is chosen, the orgonite is energetically charged. I personally infuse each one with the intention of giving you the best results possible for your highest good. I also charge and activate the crystals within.

As a result, Zen Domes are created in small batches and are only available in a limited supply.

Once you order the designs you most desire, each Zen Dome is then made especially for you, so it will attune itself to your life force energy, producing maximum effect.

In keeping with my commitment to quality, Zen Domes take time to create, cure, energize and ship. You should receive your order within 30 business days.

3 reviews for Orgonite Charging Plate with Flower of Life Mandala

  1. Maureen Freeman

    I sense that it connects to the 4 Directions and imparts universal connection and balance. It centres and clears the energetic environment.

  2. KDW

    This is a nifty little gadget and so versatile! I keep my cell phone on it. I tried sleeping with it under my pillow one night. I had a great sleep and felt more refreshed in the morning. I am getting another one for my office.

  3. S.M.

    The first time I used this to clean/energetically improve my food, wow… and I didn’t even realise it at first. I was sitting at the table, after finishing my meal, in a state of wonder. Wondering why I felt such joy and love so strongly I even saw the colour fuchsia. This had never happened to me before after eating something. Then I remembered and realised it _had_ to be the orgonite charging plate I still had hidden under my plate, UNBELIEVABLE! This stuff is soooooo awesome!!!! I also noticed that it makes water taste sweet. The longer you leave your glass of water on it, the sweeter the water tastes!

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