Large Orgonite Pyramid – Healthy Body Healthy Spirit

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This large size Zen Dome provides orgonite technology with a powerful combination of crystals to enhance your physical and spiritual health.

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Healthy Body/Healthy Spirit

Size of the base: 4.72″ x 4.72″ (120 x 120 mm)
Height: 4.84″ (123 mm),
Weight: 2.32 lbs. (1.02 Kg)
Crystals: clear quartz, azurite, unakite, olivine, emerald, sodalite
Metals: silver, bronze, black steel, copper, aluminum

This large orgonite pyramid features a green flower of life symbol on each of its 4 surfaces.

Zen Domes orgonite are simple compounds which balance ambient energy by turning negative energy (EMF) into positive healing energy, with many easily-confirmed health benefits.  To learn more about how Zen Domes orgone generators work, click here.

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Additional information

Weight 1.4 kg

Zen Domes

All Zen Domes (orgonite) contain clear quartz crystals.  Clear quartz amplifies the properties of other crystals, keeps them at optimal performance, and when they are combined within the orgonite matrix, multiple health benefits can result.  As the clear quartz crystal emits its specialized healing frequency, it stimulates the secondary crystals and stones to “sing”.  Together, they emit an inaudible symphony of healing frequencies, which clears all of the chakras as they relax the body, and interact with the natural crystals (salts) found in our fluids and tissues.


The Stone of Heaven
Azurite is used to awakening psychic abilities and help the user to recognize intuition and spiritual guidance when it occurs. Helpful in relieving worries, phobias, and nagging negative thoughts, Azurite infuses intellectual logic with love, fostering compassion for oneself and others. Azurite calms and relieves mental stress, and is useful in meditation to clear the mind, promote deep introspection and visualization, and allow clear recognition of intuitive messages that are received.


The Stone of Vision
Unakite balances the emotional and spiritual bodies, and provides gentle release of energetic blockages. It helps us to move on from limiting, old paradigm beliefs. Unakite’s grounding effect can bring a calming influence to any environment, and is great for the workplace or the home, sending out peaceful vibes to all those nearby. Unakite enhances the effect of orgonite because it also protects against electromagnetic pollution.


The Stone of Luck and Money
Olivine is a luck and money charm, and should be used in prosperity rituals. It will attract good fortune to your home or business, and can help bring a sense of peace. Olivine is an anti-negativity charm and can be used to improve general health. Olivine will also help a stressed child or pet to relax.


The Stone of Healing Green Ray Energy
Emerald is, without doubt, the strongest example of the healing Green Ray Energy. Use Emerald to bring healing, blissful love, loyalty, unity, prosperity, and wisdom into your life. Emerald can encourage bonding, strengthen communication and understanding, and amplify hope and encouragement. Emerald is believed to enhance memory and mental clarity. Meditating with Emerald can help one to connect to Divine Love, open the heart to accept all things in life as gifts, and can help to open up psychic abilities, and enhance one’s ability to notice and manage synchronicities. Emerald reminds one that the Universe will always provide.


The Stone of Creativity and Harmony
Sodalite is the artist’s favourite because it promotes inspiration, creativity, inner peace and calmness. It is also known for harmonizing the conscious and unconscious minds, facilitating body/mind/soul work; and is known as the stone of truth as it assists with communication and dissolves conflict. Sodalite enhances your intuition and reduces stress.

Your Zen Dome

Why you want Zen Domes Orgonite:

To qualify as a Zen Dome, the orgonite has to be precision-made, beautiful, and as unique as possible. Only the most effective orgonite is selected to become a Zen Dome.

Once a design is chosen, the orgonite is energetically charged. I personally infuse each one with the intention of giving you the best results possible for your highest good. I also charge and activate the crystals within.

As a result, Zen Domes are created in small batches and are only available in a limited supply.

Once you order the designs you most desire, each Zen Dome is then made especially for you, so it will attune itself to your life force energy, producing maximum effect.

In keeping with my commitment to quality, Zen Domes take time to create, cure, energize and ship. You should receive your order within 30 business days.

4 reviews for Large Orgonite Pyramid – Healthy Body Healthy Spirit

  1. Maureen Freeman

    When I held this large Zen Dome pyramid, I felt a strong connection to the Elementals! I also felt balanced and light in my heart. Very magical energy!

  2. Hans Zimmerman

    These zen domes are not only beautiful but and I feel calmer when I am in its presence.

  3. KDW

    It is even more lovely than the picture suggests. It seems to be working well.

  4. Rae (verified owner)

    I have three of these large zen domes in my home now and the difference is positively astounding. After about 24 hours, there was a huge shift in the energy in our space and how we were feeling energetically. I started feeling much calmer, more grounded, relaxed, and peaceful. Much less anxious/high-strung, frenetic energy. We had discovered that we were being bombarded with a high level of EMF energy as our apartment is right next to the electrical room for the building we live in, not to mention all of the wifi in the building and the massive cell tower about a block away. After a few days, I noticed a huge difference in my sleep, which has been poor for months. I am now able to sleep deeply and wake up feeling refreshed, lighter, and brighter, which means that my body is finally able to heal and recharge now when I rest at night. We are very grateful to Karen for offering these wonderful and beautiful healing energetic tools!

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