Goddess Orgonite Pendant

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This unique, eye-catching pendant incorporates quartz, turquenite and garnet crystals with metals, all sealed in a matrix of crystal clear resin. All these materials together create a positive energy generator. The pendant is suspended on a soft cord. Silver tone chain extender with lobster clasp included. This pendant is made during the full moon. Orgonite then has a stronger vibration and accelerated flow of energy.

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Diameter: 1.57″ (40 mm)
Thickness: 0.28″ (7 mm)
Crystals: quartz, turquenite, 7 garnets

Zen Domes orgonite are simple compounds which balance ambient energy by turning negative energy (EMF) into positive healing energy, with many easily-confirmed health benefits.  Sorry, we have sold out of this item.

Please note: This pendant has a smooth backing of microbeads, and should be kept dry at all times to maintain quality.

Zen Domes orgonite are simple compounds which balance ambient energy by turning negative energy (EMF) into positive healing energy, with many easily-confirmed health benefits.  To learn more about how Zen Domes orgone generators work, click here.

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Weight .05 kg


(Howlite) The Stone of Serenity & Awareness

Howlite is a stone of awareness. It can prepare the wearer to receive wisdom and harmony from the Higher Self and the Divine. It is also used for dimensional travel and deeper meditation.  Howlite can also be used to release attachments, which link old emotional pain from this life or a past life, to the present; and it allows for processing those emotions facilitating harmony and peace.

Howlite is used for calming upset states of mind and emotion by decreasing critical thoughts, selfishness, stress, and anxiety, which allows for calm relaxation.  Howlite can decrease anger from internal or external sources.  This calming influence can help one to be truly comfortable exposing the authentic self.  Howlite is also used to heighten creativity and expand self-expression.


The Stone of Strength and Survival

Garnet represents primordial fire, and is a stone of strong, intense feelings. Medicine men used it to cure mental depression. Garnet is useful to have in a crisis, particularly in situations where there seems to be no way out, because it brings in courage and hope. It can help to balance the energy system, stimulate desires and uplift your attitude. As a balancing stone, Garnet can bring luck, love, and success. It inspires love and devotion, balancing the sex drive and alleviates emotional disharmony. It activates other crystals, by amplifying their effect.

Your Zen Dome

Why you want Zen Domes Orgonite:

To qualify as a Zen Dome, the orgonite has to be precision-made, beautiful, and as unique as possible. Only the most effective orgonite is selected to become a Zen Dome.

Once a design is chosen, the orgonite is energetically charged. I personally infuse each one with the intention of giving you the best results possible for your highest good. I also charge and activate the crystals within.

As a result, Zen Domes are created in small batches and are only available in a limited supply.

Once you order the designs you most desire, each Zen Dome is then made especially for you, so it will attune itself to your life force energy, producing maximum effect.

In keeping with my commitment to quality, Zen Domes take time to create, cure, energize and ship. You should receive your order within 30 business days.

2 reviews for Goddess Orgonite Pendant

  1. Maureen Freeman

    This Zen Dome pendant connects directly to Goddess Energy. Very protective of the feminine energies.

  2. KDW

    I believe this Goddess pendant helps anchor in more of the divine feminine. I feel more powerful and confident when I wear it.

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