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Sage & Soul

“Sage & Soul was created out of the strong desire to bring Light, Love, and Positivity to my community. To help others love the life they live. Sage & Soul provides various products and services to help balance Body, Mind, and Spirit.”

“Raising Vibrations One Smudge Stick at a Time!”  Sage & Soul carries genuine Zen Domes Orgonite orgone generators, inspirational cards, candles, pendulums, crystal balls, singing bowls, incense & smudge supplies, healthy personal care items & natural remedies, unique books and gifts, jewellery, and essential oils.  More actually.
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Phone:  (403) 227-5101
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“Another great metaphysical shop!  I have enjoyed getting to know Nickole, and the soothing energy of her shop.  I am very pleased that Sage & Soul is now carrying genuine Zen Domes Orgone Generators.  Drop in to see how they “feel”.”
Karen Holton – Editor 2018

Witches Ink Ltd.

“Witches Ink provides tools to help guide those searching for their path, answers, help or just a friendly place that does not judge your beliefs or experiences.”

Salt Lamps, Orgone Generators, Candles, Cards, Singing Bowls, Reiki, Incense, Smudge Supplies, Cauldrons, Chalice, Mortar and Pestle, Wiccan items, Essential Oils, Crystal Stones, Jewellery, Gift Items, Candles, Books, Herbs, Pendulums, and more.
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“I love this shop!  I have participated in a couple of their events, which I enjoyed very much, and am very pleased that Witches Ink is now carrying genuine Zen Domes Orgone Generators.”
Karen Holton – Editor 2018

Tapping Into Wellness With Denise Dueck

Check out my Facebook Page to see my latest available selection of quality orgone generators, and other life-enhancing services, including  EFT Tapping: acupuncture, without the needles!                ~ Denise Dueck
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“I have had several EFT sessions with Denise now, and have found her to be very competent and compassionate.  I am amazed by the results!  If you wish to be free from the negative effects of past experiences fast, and without any discomfort, call Denise.  I highly recommend her services!”
Karen Holton – Editor 2018

Interfaith Peace Ministry
Reverend Christa Morrison

Opening hearts to peace
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“Although I have not yet used Christa’s pastoral services or ceremonies, I have enjoyed meeting her very much, and look forward to getting to know her better in the near future.  She is warm, friendly, compassionate and very soothing to be near.”
Karen Holton – Editor 2018

The Enchanted Broom Closet & Charmed Enchantments
Val Faxon, Broomstress

Custom orders accepted!
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“I just love our magical broom from the Enchanted Broom Closet!  It is exquisitely made.  I also bought one of Val’s beautiful Dragon Eggs for my son for Christmas.  He is going to love it!”
Karen Holton – Editor 2018

The Healing Drop 
Michelle Osachoff owner/creator

Magnesium Pain Cream: for a warm sense of relaxation – apply lovingly to your skin
Facebook Page |  Phone:  (587) 877-7644
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Creekside Cowgirls
Lorrissa StandingAlone & Connie Smith

Keeping your spirit forever free!  Gemstone jewellery; authentic, handcrafted, native creations; & unique gifts & accessories
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Wild Horse 
Ryn Knievel

Market Eatery & Yoga Studio
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Phone:  (403) 347-2277
& Address: 5005 – 50 Street, Red Deer, AB

Sage & Soul
Nickole Pimlott

Raising Vibrations One Smudge Stick At A Time
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Phone:  (403) 227-5101
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Mother Willow prenatal 
Mother Willow

Providing the women and families of Red Deer & area, with nurturing prenatal classes, full-spectrum Doula support and inspiring workshops.
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Phone:  (403) 392-6830
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Sydney Rose 
Holistic Lifestyle Consultant

Start today with a grateful heart!
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Phone:  (403) 430-0166
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Designs by J Marshalll 
Joyce Marshall, Creative Jewelry Designer

Unique one of a kind, jewelry designs
Facebook Page | Phone:  (780) 932-3561
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Quill & Ink Handwriting Analysis
Sharon MacPherson, Psychic/Medium & Handwriting Analyst

Handwriting – Much more than words on a page
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Scavage & Conjure 
resin cast animal skull jewellery, wire wraps, hand printed patches & original wearable art

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Into The Mystic
Mandy: Intuitive Healer & Reader

Into The Mystic astrology, readings, and reiki
Facebook Page |  Phone:  (403) 304-7498
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Lotus Hypnotherapy
Candace Savage HT PLR BA Psych

Hypnotherapy Past Life Regression
Website |  Phone:  (403) 318-6773
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Phone:  (403) 896-2765
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The Inner Circle
Jenna Silver & Nancy Stanton

Phone:  (587) 700-1145 & (587) 215-5721
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Lavender Haze Apothecary
Callum Daniels

Life-enhancing herbal products, essential oils and more.
Facebook Page |  Phone:  (403) 597-4182
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“His seaweeds are fresh and pure; and his essential oils are safe, healthy and effective.”
Karen Holton – Editor 2018

Independent Norwex Distributor
Ambre Lanaway
Improving quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes
Website |

I initially bought several wonderful products from Ambre: the Enviro-cloth, the window cloth, the dusting mitt, the kitchen cloth and the adult toothbrush.  These products do not require unhealthy, chemical cleaners, and I can honestly say that the products far exceeded my expectations!
Karen Holton – Editor 2017

Peaceful Spirit Flutes
Terry Mack
Flute Sales, Lessons, Playshops & Performances
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I attended one of Terry’s lively workshops – what a joy!
Karen Holton – Editor 2016

SAGE: Receive a Messenger’s MesSAGE
Maureen Freeman
Intuitive Advisor, Medium, Channel: confidential support, sound advice, soulful insight
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I am everso grateful for her energetic/intuitive testing of my line of Zen Domes.  Thanks so much Mareen!
Karen Holton – Editor 2016

EZ Raw Vegan Living (Maureen Terrey)
Raw Food Chef, Sound and Energy Practitioner
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I have attended Maureen’s monthly raw potlucks, and very much enjoy many delicious meals she prepares; I have also seen Maureen for energy work. I highly recommend her both as Raw Food Chef and Sound/Energy Practitioner!
Karen Holton – Editor 2015

James Tracy
Creator of the original, limited edition Zen Domes, Visual Artist and Faux Finisher
Website | Website

Windwalker (Wes Gietz)
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